You will need your AV/power extension cable ready as well as the cctv camera  


1.                       Your PC or laptop should be positioned within 1m/40” of a wall power socket.

2.                       Plug the mains adapter from your cctv camera into the wall socket and switch on the mains power.

3.                       Plug mains jack (red) from the AV extension cable into the power adapter jack plug.

4.                       Plug yellow jack on the AV extension into the yellow jackplug on the Videocap device.

5.                       Plug white jack on the AV extension into the white jackplug on the Videocap device.   

6.                       Now plug the usb jack of the Videocap into a usb port on your pc.

7.                       Finally plug in the camera to all three colour jackplugs on the AV extension cable.


To watch the output from the Videocap on a pc you will need some camera capture software and we suggest that you use the free, open-source VLC media player for this purpose as it is reliable and versatile.  You will find it a or you can get the link and more information about this programme on the instructions page of our Birdboxview website (


Here are a few quick tips for using VLC to watch your cctv or webcamera on a pc:

 Once your camera is connected open VLC (from start menu, taskbar or icon on desktop)

Click on “media” on the top menu bar and a drop-down menu will open

Click on open capture device in the menu

The “Open media” window will appear in the centre of your screen

On the “video device” line in this menu click on the down arrow next to "default" and select the usb2 pc camera

On the “audio device” line click on the down arrow next to "default" and select your usb2 microphone

Now click on play and the camera view should open on the screen

 To RECORD FOOTAGE you will need to return to the top menu bar of the VLC programme and click on "view" tab, then
select "advanced controls" in the pull-down list that appears. 
Doing t
his will open up the Recording Menu bar at the bottom left of your screen.