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 It is IMPORTANT TO SET UP AND TEST the camera in its nestbox on your laptop or pc and also check the cable length is sufficient for your requirements BEFORE hanging the nestbox outside!

  1. Connect the usb lead to a usb port on your pc and check that it is working with your webcam software.  (See links on our website or read below regarding free software).  If you have been supplied with an extension cable test the camera with this attached.

  2. Check camera position is correct.  To adjust camera position unscrew the lid of the birdbox.   Ensure the camera lens faces the centre of the floor area – it swivels horizontally and vertically. The lead may pull on the camera so test the finalposition with lid in place before refastening. 

  3. You should not need to adjust the camera focus as this was done before packing.  Should it become necessary it is controlled by rotating the camera lens.  The clearest focus should be a little way ABOVE the floor of the box – place a marked object such as coloured pen in the hole to test this.    

  4. Finally disconnect the camera and hang the nestbox where desired.  Keep exposed metal on cables covered or indoors when possible to protect from damp - use cableguard tube if appropriate (instructions on packet).  If you intend to keep the extension cable permanently connected it may be better to cover the joint with plastic insulation tape and then cover the tape with waterproof mastic/pvc glue.

    SOFTWARE:  To use the webcam in your birdbox you will need a programme on your pc that includes capture software.   Windows Live movie maker (Windows 7 operating system or later) can do this, but the capture window (used for viewing the camera in real time) is very small so, although its great if you are mostly interested in recording footage and editing you maywant to use a programme giving full-screen live footage and some great free software for this is available online.  Examples are: NCH debut, VLC media player and Yawcam. We strongly recommend that you visit our website’s instructions page where there is information on using the programmes we recommend and links for downloading them.   If you have MSN live messenger running on your pc you can, of course, make the camera in the box your default webcam on this programme so it is ready to share the action with friends and family online! 

    MAC users
    :  For pc's using the OSX10 operating system all you need to do is connect
    the birdbox to the iMac, open the Photobooth app and under Camera in the Photobooth menu and select the USB 2 Camera.  For other systems you may need the MACAM software (please refer to detailed instructions on our other website,

  5. NESTING BOX:  Basic instructions for using the nestboxes are on the label.  We suggest that you put up nestboxes well before the nesting season to give birds time to “househunt!” Most birds will avoid south facing nestboxes as they do not like direct sunlight on the nest.  They are likely to nest near a source of food and somewhere safe from predators.  Species nest at different heights, sparrows and starlings will nest in colonies quite high up (3m – 4m) whereas bluetits like to be a little lower.   When cleaning your nestbox at end of breeding season please unscrew bolt and remove the webcamera first, to protect the lens.    
       The camera LED lighting with the 10m webcamera will come on automatically when it is too dark in the nestbox to see without it.  The LEDS on the basic 1.5m webcamera are controlled from the switch near the nestbox so it is best to set them at the level you will require in relatively low light conditions and then, assuming you will not wish to approach the nest area during the breeding season, cover the switch as tightly as possible with polythene to protect against damp damage.   We have found that there is not much to see after dark as the birds nestle down and sleep – so please be kind and disconnect the camera from your pc in the evening so as not to disturb their rest cycle!
    Occasionally you might wish to alter the webcamera  capture settings on your pc to allow for different external light conditions.  There is information to help do this with the VLC and NCH programmes on our instructions page (link below)

    For further, detailed information and help using your webcamera nestbox  you are encouraged to browse the FAQ and TROUBLESHOOTING pages at

    We hope you will get as much enjoyment from your nestbox camera as we get from our own.  If you have any problems or queries not answered here or on our support website just write to us at and we will be glad to assist you.

    Lastly, if in setting up and using your birdbox camera you discover any useful tips you would like to share with others or want to share your footage and photos we would love to hear from you!

    Happy watching!

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