5m or 10m usb2 extension cable for webcamera (pc use)


Replacement usb2 extension cables fpr Webcamera Nestbox (PC USE ONLY)

Choose 5m cable if nestbox is within 6.5m/21ft of your laptop/computer. PLEASE NOTE: This cable does not feature a repeater unit to boost the signal so it will not extend the reach of your camera beyond 6.5m from the pc.


Choose 10m active repeater extension cable to reach up to 33ft from the nestbox to your pc.  


We do not recommend daisychaining the usb2 extension cables between a pc and the nestbox - too many joins will be exposed to outdoor conditions and the power may be interrupted at any point in the system. 

If you do require more than 10m distance it is possible to buy 15m and 20m active repeater extension cables from other sellers and we strongly suggest you try doing it this way.  However we do not carry a supply of these ourselves due to their higher cost and because we cannot guarantee your webcamera's performance at longer distances. 

If shopping elsewhere for additional extension cables please ensure that you buy one with a good quality active repeater unit.  If you would like to contact us via email we will help to locate a suitable extension cable from another seller (usually on ebay or Amazon) 

Beyond 20m it is highly unlikely that the signal will be adequate to power the webcamera and if you wish to watch birds nesting at distances greater than 20m it may be more practical to buy a cctv system where cables up to 50m can be employed successfully due to the power coming from a mains supply.

Please note that we offer accessories as a service to our customers and not for profit.  However you may be able to purchase this same item at a better price on ebay, Amazon and other sites.