• Webcamera (for pc/laptop/chrome book) in our attractive green roofed nestbox

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    This camera works with pc/laptop/chrome book/raspberry pi (please note does not work with mobile phone or ipad)
    as birds nest and raise chicks IN FULL COLOUR. Share your movies& screenshots with friends via u-tube, msn, skype etc

    This innovative nestbox with fitted webcamera lets you watch & record garden birds on your pc or laptop as they lay eggs and bring up their chicks inside the birdbox!  The solid wood Birdboxview nesting box is fitted with tiny webcamera placed to show the nesting area. 

    The 1.5mp webcamera connects to a usb2 port on your pc or laptop.  Nestbox can be placed between 6.5m/21ft and 11.5m/33ft distant - depending on your choice of either a 5m or 10m usb2 extension cable.   (For the longer distance our high-quality 10m cable features an active repeater unit online to boost signal between pc and camera)

    The Webcamera has 6 LED lights (daylight use only) which are controlled by a switch on the camera cable.  A  "sheath" is provided to cover the light switch and cable join and protect them against damp weather conditions.

    The pretty Birdboxview  nestbox is 27cm tall to give a good view of the nesting area.  Its 29mm entrance hole is great for sparrows, all sorts of tits and pied flycatchers amongst other common garden birds.  The birdbox lid lifts up easily for camera angle adjustment and cleaning out.

    No external power source is needed for the webcamera which gives real colour even in low light.  Record and share the footage of nesting birds  with friends and family! 

    Full, clearly written, simple instructions are included with the item, and backed up with email support plus more information and help pages here and at Birdboxview.com

    We offer a generous 60 days "cool off period" for items given as gifts!

    We recommend you check out our FAQ page which explains how webcamera nestboxes work before purchasing!

    Camera specification:

    Image Sensor :  1/4 ' CMOS
    Pixels : 1.3 Mega
    Image resolution :  VGA 640x480 
    Video resolution :  VGA
    Max. frame rate :  30 fps
    Lens :  f: 3.6 mm, F2.8,
    White balance :  auto
    Min. illuminance :  < 2.0 lux
    Colour depth :  24 bit