• Birdboxview 420TVL CCTV colour camera nestbox

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    Birdboxview's attractive and affordable colour camera nestbox

    and 1st class delivery is included in the price!

    Watch and listen to birds in this attractive birdbox on your TV. 
    CCTV colour camera comes fitted into nestbox, just hang outside and plug in the cables to your TV and an indoor power socket!  Item includes 10, 20 or 30 metre extension cable, power adapter and instruction sheet.  Bringing Springwatch into your home!

    The pretty green-roofed cedarwood nestbox is 27cm tall, giving a complete view of  the nesting area.

    The nestbox is has a 29mm entrance ideal for bluetits, finches, sparrows and other small garden birds.  It comes fitted with a tiny camera placed in the top of the box at an angle to show the entrance and nesting areas.

    The 420TVL camera has a microphone so you can hear the birds in the nest and the infra-red vision with IR light source allows you to enjoy watching 24/7. 

    All you need to do is site the box and plug in the cables. The AV lead connects the camera to your TV and you can choose from 10m to 30m of cable for hanging anywhere up to 100 feet away in your garden. The power cable is plugged into an indoor socket via the power adapter provided.  

    Please measure the distance required and select the correct length of cable required when purchasing!

    PLEASE NOTE: If your TV does not have either yellow and white AV sockets or sockets marked Pb, Pr and Y but does have a Scart input then you will need a Scart adapter which you can purchase at a discount when buying this item or separately from our accessories selection

    A tubular cable guard is provided to protect cable joins from wet conditions (Please note: customer required to fit this guard over the cable join before hanging box outdoors)

    Simple instructions are included regarding the optimum maintenance and siting of the nestbox. The solid cedar wood box with pretty green lid is a decorative addition to any garden.  It is ideal for bluetits, sparrows and other small garden birds.  The tall Birdboxview nestbox gives a good view of the nesting area and features a lift up roof with single screw for ease of camera adjustments and cleaning at the end of the breeding season. A slot in the bottom of the box allows air circulation which is essential for nest hygiene.  

    The camera is easy to set up - just plug in the colour co-ordinated cable ends. The yellow and white ends plug straight into you TV. The red lead plugs into the power supply. Turn on the TV, tune in to the camera output, sit back, see and hear what is going on in the nest box. 

    A small opaque window is fitted in the site of the nestbox to maximise available light without causing the birds becoming confused as to where to enter and leave the nestbox.  The camera switches automatically to infra–red (monochrome) in low light conditions and at night.

    Item includes simple to follow instruction sheet and further information is available on our customer website if required.

    Full, personal customer phone and email support is provided by our  enthusiastic family team.  Our extensive warranty/refund cover includes a 60 days cool off period for items given as gifts!