CCTV extension cable (please select length)


cctv RCA AV extension cable various lengths from ebayPlease note this is the RCA cable with three jacks, audio (yellow), picture (white) and power (red) which fits into our cctv camera, it is not suitable for webcameras (pc cameras) - please see our other items for those. 

Currently our longer lengths may have female rather than male ends to connect to the TV so with these we also include the necesary female/male adapter plugs.

We also need to warn you that, due to economies of scale, you will nearly always pay a lower price if you buy from sellers on ebay, Amazon etc. 

Here are two examples of traders on ebay offering acceptable cables (their prices are less than half of ours!)

cctv rca AV cable 15m from ebay
CCTV RCA AV extension cable various lengths from ebay

Please ensure you choose the total length of extension cable you need rather than joining two together as this may cause problems in camera performance now or later.