• Gardman multi-nest cctv colour camera birdbox


    • Enjoy real live nature programmes from your own garden - watch from inside the nestbox as wild birds build a nest.Choose your entrance hole to suit type of bird. Watch and hear events inside the Nest Box. 
    • See and hear their chicks hatch, feed, grow and fledge up to 50m away on your TV screen! (Select length of cable to suit your garden).
    • The top-quality, durable GARDMAN MULTI-NEST gives you a choice of 3 ENTRANCES so that you may attract a wide variety of species
    • The nestbox has been carefully fitted with a tiny camera placed in the top of the box at an angle to show the entrance and nesting area.  
    • The cables supplied connect into the camera inside the plastic trunking on the side of the nestbox and then connect to your TV and a power socket indoors.  No power source is required outside.  Choose a cable length to suit the distance needed from the nestbox to your TV.
    • A window is fitted into the side of the nestbox to give maximum light (needed for daylight colour vision) and the infra-red facility allows you to continue watching the nestlings 24/7. NB: The colour picture with cctv systems is not as full as that from webcamera systems. Colour is only visible in bright daylight conditions, at other times the picture is monochrome.
    • The camera has a microphone so you can hear the birds in the nest and the infra-red vision with IR light source allows you to enjoy watching the nestlings 24/7
    • An instruction sheet is supplied with the item.