• Replacement camera for TV cctv nestbox (2 types)


    Replacement camera for cctv infra-red colour camera order connected via a TV 

    Camera comes with fixings and fixing hole already prepared so you can unscrew the nestbox lid, unbolt your old camera and bolt in the new one with minimum hassle. 

    Be sure to order the camera for your system, choose between 400 and 700 TVL specification camera.  (Replacement cameras for pc/webcam nestboxes are listed on a separate page.)

    For TV nestboxes order the cctv camera with infra red for night vision listed above.   

    Please note that we offer accessories as a service to our customers and not for profit.  Despite this you may be able to purchase this same item at a better price on ebay, Amazon and other sites and we advise you to shop around if appropriate.